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June 15, 2013

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“Contagious Optimism” is officially released! Buy a copy here.

To wrap up our daily excerpts from co-authors, here are  a few words of reflection from David Mezzapelle on the “Contagious Optimism” experience:

As you can see, we all have stories.  What you may consider boring or uneventful is actually inspirational and motivational to others around the world.

Harvesting stories over the past three years, and continuing to do so today, has been a labor of love.  Meeting with people and hearing their stories of perseverance is not only inspirational and supportive of this project, but it is also educational in the wisdom it generates for our readers.  When you read stories of how others have overcome obstacles and made it through many of life’s challenges, you realize that anything is possible with optimism and effort.

Both my team and I have had the benefit of connecting with people of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout the world.  It is humbling and something we never want to stop doing.  When we visit schools, senior living communities, villages, clubs, religious groups, support organizations, or anywhere else, we are constantly welcomed. People are excited to share their stories and they are excited to take part in spreading optimism.

Now that volume one is published on a global scale, we are looking forward to releasing additional volumes at a rate of one every nine to 12 months.

So, consider sharing your stories and remember: we are all naturally mentors just by the sheer impressions of our footsteps.

2 Responses to “Today’s the day”

  1. Sally Gates Says:

    Congrats To Dave and all the authors! I’m psyched!

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