Meet Alan Malizia

August 20, 2013

Alan MaliziaMeet Alan Malizia
Alan suffered from polio as a child, endured painful treatments and lived in and out of hospitals most of his life. Instead of complaining, Alan channeled his energy into sports and education, which he taught to students in the Stamford, Conn. area. However, for Alan, teaching sports and education wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to do more. In addition to being a terrific teacher, Alan earned the number 1 ranking in the state and region for volleyball, basketball and other sports at Stamford Catholic High School.  He also published a book titled “The Little Red Chair,” an inspirational story about growing up with polio and the gratitude he has for all the people in his life – from the doctors who treated him to all his family, friends, and students who have always stood by his side.

Read one of Alan’s essays here: Humility and Humiliation

3 Responses to “Meet Alan Malizia”

  1. […] “Truth is not reflected in a mirror, but contained in the heart. It is often obscured by reality.” — Alan A. Malizia […]

  2. James Says:

    This is James Crolla. I would love to get together! Please call me 203-874-2606
    Remembering our youth and growing up with an smazing friend.

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