Seizing the day

November 4, 2013


Kimberlee and her family today.

Meet Kimberlee Hooper.

Kimberlee contracted encephalitis at 21 years old, went into a coma and lost all of her memories.  She had to start her life over as if she was a child.  Every day, she lives with the possibility of a recurrence, meaning she could lose the new memories she made with her husband and children and everything else she has rebuilt.

Well, good news, I am happy to report that Kimberlee truly found the bright side of the situation by choosing to seize the day – an expression we have all heard but seldom follow. For the first few years she feared another bout of memory loss but now she embraces life every day and doesn’t let that negativity into her head.  Absolutely incredible.

Today, Kimberlee is 34 years old and doing well.

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