Learning To Let Go

September 7, 2014

By David Martin

I graduated college and started my career in wealth management. I was in my mid-twenties and had no professional work experience, so I went to work with my father as his assistant. I had no money and my father didn’t want to give me anymore! 25 years of giving me money, he was done. Off the couch I went to PaineWebber in Stamford, Connecticut.  Who new it would be 20 ½ years latter and I would be wondering… what happened to my life? Where did it go?

Now what?  I just merged my wealth management firm with another firm to free me up to persue my journey. What’s next for me – is it comedy, adventures, marriage, family, children, rehab? Who knows.  All I know is I am stocked up with tasty IPAs (Indian Pale Ales)!  I’m 46, single with a passion for performing comedy and taking groups of people on really awesome adventures.

This story I am telling is how I embrace letting go and trusting that the universe has an exciting new path for me to hike down. Time to lower any expectations I may have of the future while focusing on what truly brings me more happiness. The next chapter is in the making while I finish the last chapter.

I will bring everything I’ve learned forward in a positive light for there is so much opportunity right on the immediate horizon.

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